Irmadene Hanson

Irmadene grew up in a poor midwestern farm family, and before age six she learned a few of the money cliches. 

  • Money doesn't grow on trees.

  • We'll never have enough to make end make ends meet.

  • Rich people are better than us.

Time spent in the US Army, nursing school and being a mom gave her reason to believe that those beliefs were not true and has spent the better part of her life in the pursuit of new and more successful thoughts.

Irmadene has mentored leaders to develop their teams and has guided their training for thousands of team members. She is the Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, certified in leadership, speaking, training and coaching. Irmadene is passionate for developing mangers to become the leaders they were meant to be. From discussing The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, to 1:1 Coaching and Teaching how to have critical conversations, Irmadene has helped hundreds of leaders maintain a high standard by conveying trust and compassion. 

Irmadene is an exceptional speaker, trainer and motivator. As you listen to Irmadene you will feel connected to her as though she has walked in your shoes. She will inspire you to find your strength, change your mindset and magnify your influence.