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Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Don’t expect yourself or others to just innately
know how to be a great employee, emerging leader or even a team player. One of the
hardest things to do is handle conflict and communicate well with others at work or at
home! How we handle ourselves when things take a nosedive or even when things go
great can change the trajectory of our life! All the soft skills they we learned were not
a big deal … are the BIGGEST deal! I can help you be better for your happiness and
success, I have a number of tools, games, trainings and experiential workshops to
help increase job satisfaction and as well as revenue.

Leadership Workshops

Conflict Resolution & Critical Conversations

Leadershift – 11 Essential Changes to Shift Your Leadership Higher

Transformational Leadership

Today Matters

Developing Leaders Around You

Leadership Gold

Becoming a Person of Influence

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

Personal Growth & Development Workshops

10 Steps to Creating a New Belief

Put Your Dreams to the Test

Over, Under, Around & Through

Feel It, Fix It & Forget It

Step into Your Strength

Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

No Limits – Blow the Cap Off of Your Capacity

More Experiences

Individual (1:1) Coaching

Group Coaching

Maxwell Method of Impact Reports

DISC Personal Assessments

The Leadership Game

The Communication Game

Let’s work smarter, not harder.


Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand. Learn how to connect with others emotionally and they will follow you anywhere. Do you connect with others daily?


Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Being honest, even when it’s hard, shows great character and character builds trust. Do you and your team have great character?


The true measure of leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less. How much influence do you have with family, friends, coworkers?

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